missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm going on an adventure!

Hey all! 

For those who watched the Women's broadcast- wasn't it amazing? I think President Uchtdorf's talk was something that everyone needs to watch. His message was actually something I've been learning all transfer-- something Sister Loveless has been teaching me by example. She is like the happiest person I know, regardless of anything that happens in life. I'm so grateful to have been her companion. I've made so many amazing friends on the mission and many of them have been my companions. Lucky me!

Transfer news arrived... I am headed to East Las Vegas! I covered the area geographically when I was in Temple View YSA. Sister Porter, one of the sisters that's currently in my zone, will be my companion! We are both so excited. Just last week we were on exchanges and were saying, "we should just be companions!" Well, Heavenly Father listened :) We're whitewashing into the area and I'm SO PUMPED. I have always wanted to whitewash an area. You get to go in with brand new eyes and just start fresh! It's going to be an adventure! 

This will probably be my last move of my mission. It's actually where Sister Luke was trained, so I'm finishing where my trainer started. Sister Koyle is also in the zone so I will get to go on exchanges with her :) hooray! 

We talked to more people this week than I ever have before on my mission- we almost broke 100 contacts! That was our goal and we got soooo close. It was really exciting. As far as the work goes, I think this was the hardest transfer of my mission. No one got baptized, no one came to church, and despite our best efforts, many of our investigators dropped us. But I have had some very sweet and tender experiences in this area with investigators, recent converts, less actives, and my companion that confirmed to me that I am in the right place and our efforts were not wasted. It's also been amazing to see Nate and Jori's progression, despite tons and tons of opposition. 

Last week we gave them Mosiah 4 to read (one of my favorite chapters) and Jori was so impacted by it that she got rid of all of her bad TV shows. Nate told us the other day, "if it weren't for the missionaries, we probably would have given up on the Mormon thing." Now they consider themselves Mormon and are working hard to make it to church and make it to baptism.

I'm grateful for my time here and I'm excited to go to back to the ghetto!! Wish me luck! 

I love you all and am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I feel an increased tenderness toward him every time I get to share His love with others. 

 Love, Sister Browning

This is Sister Zigler! She is a poet and gave me one of her award winning poetry books. 
For the last  2 months we have been stopping by this sweet lady's house each Sunday  to tell her what we learned at church. She is widowed and has lots of health issues so she can't make it out. I love
her like my sister! Since we started visiting her, her sons who are less active have all slowly started returning to activity. I don't believe in coincidences, do you? :)

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