missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, September 14, 2015

1st Nephi 11:17

Dear Family, 

Congrats to Katherine on getting into BYU-I!! And I'm so excited about Nicole's baptism! How exciting to have the whole family involved in helping someone embrace the gospel. Her and her little son's life will be totally different and so enriched because of your examples and her decision. Way to go, Idaho! ;) Mom, my prayers are with the Algers and with you. I love you! 

This was the hardest week of my mission. But it was also wonderful because I learned so much about the power of the Atonement. I have felt Christ carry me this week, as if I were in a cradle of the spirit, and I have seen and felt His tender mercies. Now I can testify to others with a depth of understanding I didn't have before. 

One of those tender mercies was being able to go back to Kingman with Sister Loveless for the Anderson baptism. The wonderful Walker family drove all the way to pick us up and then drove us all the way back that night. As we drove into Kingman I had a flood of emotions that are hard to explain. It was as if I could feel all the prayers I said and the testimony I bore echoing and reverberating off the old store fronts and canyon walls. I thought about the scripture in Isaiah about the "voice of one crying from the dust." Prayer is powerful. Even if they're the prayers of an inexperienced, young sister missionary. The rest of Kingman may not be able to feel it when they drive through, but I can, and I know that place has changed me. At least one family was affected by my efforts, and that's the Anderson family. If they stay faithful, my entire mission will have been a success. 

Anna and Braeden were baptized by Brother Walker, and Andy, who now has the priesthood, got to be a witness! Missionaries are lined up left to right from the newest to the oldest. Sister Hame and Onorato have both finished their missions and couldn't be there. And Bro and Sis Walker have been there since the very first lesson :)

 I am astounded at the growth and change of this family. They have the purest hearts in the world! Can't wait to come back for their sealing! 

I love you all and invite you to draw on the Atonement as often as you can. Jesus Christ suffered for you so that we don't have to go through anything alone. He loves you and walks beside you and is your eternal best friend :) 

Sister Megan Browning

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