missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, September 21, 2015

This is where it's at!

Hi family! 

This week was better. We had a couple cool experiences finding new people to teach. Nate and Jori introduced us to their coworker Chris who is so prepared for the gospel. Hopefully we'll be able to get back in contact with him this week, and our other investigators- Satan is
tricky, and he likes to make people think they are too busy to come to church or meet with the missionaries. But we're not giving up! Joke's on you, Satan! 

We also met a woman named Earlene who just recently lost her 27 year old daughter but has incredible faith in Christ and knows she'll see her daughter again. We testified to her of the Plan of Salvation and she is excited to learn more :) Eternal families are where it's at. I just wish I could share that joy with EVERYONE! 

So I don't know if this is a little too irreverent to send, but it made me laugh really hard so I'm sharing it anyway. Nate, during one of our lessons this week: "You know what I like about the Mormon church? They always end everything with 'I know that this is true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.' You're testifying in the name of Jesus Christ; you can't be full of crap. You can't be full of poo poo." Ah boy. Too true, Nate. 

One of my favorite sister missionaries who has since gone home, Sister Hope, surprised us with a visity. I asked her what her advice would be for us, looking back. She said to really use that hour of personal scriptures study to its full advantage. Just soak in every minute of it. My studies have been really good lately and I feel like I've been feasting on the words. Today I read in Alma 22 where King Lamoni's father says that he would forsake his whole kingdom and give up everything he possess to know God. What am I willing to forsake in order to know God? Am I willing to give away all my sins? I'm so amazed by the humility of the saints in the scriptures and I hope to be like that someday. I know that through Christ we can be totally transformed. If we're willing to give up the things that hold us back he stands ready to help us give them up :) I know that peace and healing come from the gospel that we can't get anywhere else. Use the Atonement every day! I'm so grateful for it and for my Savior :) 

So we decided to bike more this week. It was a blast because you can talk to SO MANY MORE PEOPLE :) and our area is almost mini Provo so there was tons of "hi, sisters!" going on. We biked to the ward activity and everyone was like whaaatt?? Sisters on bikes? 

Instead of helping my companion lock the bikes, I take selfies. Selfish selfies. :) 

Clara, our member friend and Jori's fellowshipped friend, cut and styled our hair today. We love her! 
Katherine, just so you know, the freshman marriage rate at BYU-I is 40%. DON'T LIVE ON CAMPUS! I love you ;) 

Love you all, have a wonderful week! 

Sister Megan Browning

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