missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, August 10, 2015

DoTerra vs. Doctrine and Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish word of the week: July. "I can't believe it! You are going to London?! July to me!"

There's an adorable set of sisters, Sis Hope and Jane that we love that have started sending us a "spanish word of the day" to use in a sentence. I have decided to send you one every week. Enjoy! 

Hey Everyone! 

Zach told me he was going to email you! It was so so so cool to be able to be at his first baptism on Saturday. He baptized his friend Dylan in the Royal Mesa YSA ward (The one Derek introduced to the missionaries!) Zach, Derek, Sabrina and Sharonda were all at the baptism. Derek and Sabrina are both dating good LDS kids and I'm hoping there will be some celestial wedding bells in the future ;) It was SO COOL to be able to witness that! He had Sis Mayfield and I sing I know that my redeemer lives. I will be so sad when she's not my companion and we can't sing duets anymore. Anyway, it has been amazing to see Zach's progression in the gospel and I'm so excited for him to go through the temple this fall. 

Speaking of the temple, Sharonda did baptisms for the first time this saturday!! While walking down the stairs to the baptistry she had to stop in her tracks and just take it all in. It was the cutest thing. :) She had a wonderful experience and was excited to learn she can go back as often as she wants. 

Have so much fun in London you lucky ducks!! Mom, you asked for tips on how to contact people on the plane?? Boy do I have tips! I think the best thing would be to take a Book of Mormon. A pass-along card is great but only if you explain what it's for (e.g, they can find missionaries anywhere in the world on mormon.org, they can look up videos of mormons with similar interests to theirs, they can look up the questions they have and find answers, etc.) otherwise it's just a piece of paper they'll put in their wallet and never look at again. Definitely take BoMs because that's what converts people. 

Some things you could say: 

1. "Do you like to read?" (talk about your favorite books and then talk about the book of mormon.) Everybody take a book of mormon and give it away to the person next to you on the plane! You have 18 hours to do it so it will be easy ;) 

2. "Are you going home?" This lets you talk about family. Preach my gospel says that people tend to naturally have an interest in families. You can share with them what your family means to you and how the gospel has kept your family strong. 

3. Drop "Mormon lingo." "We're going to the temple in London while we're there. Have you ever seen an LDS temple?" Or "during family home evening this week... Oh, that's something we do in our church each Monday night..." Etc. 

Oh this is so much fun. :) This is my challenge for you this week! Have a missionary experience on the plane! I will be praying for ya! I'm soooooo excited for you! Just like it says in 3rd Nephi, being involved in the work of salvation is what brings real joy!! "Ye have desired that ye might bring the souls of men unto me, while the world shall stand. And for this cause ye shall have fullness of joy...." I know this is true! It's been confirmed to me over and over again :) it is exhausting, stretching, and difficult , but so worth it!

Love you all soooo much. 
Love, Sister Browning 

Quotable quotes from this week: 

Nate, talking about the picture of Moroni burying the plates: "Who's that silver fox?!" 

So our ward is so incredibly into DoTerra essential oils that sometimes it's hard for them to distinguish between doterra and doctrine.... some quoteable quotes from recent sundays: 

During a young man's sacrament talk: "He memorized the Proclamation on the Family in 11 days... Pretty good, but I think with oils I could cut the time in half." 

Discussing the parable of the 10 virgins in relief society: "It seems selfish at first that the 5 wise didn't share their oil, but you see..." 

A doterra lady: "I would share my oils!" 

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