missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, July 20, 2015

We Owe It to the Ward and the Lord

Hello dear family of mine!

Well I don't even know where to start with this week! Holy miracles.On tuesday we contacted a referral from the 4th of July photo boothand they became a new investigator. We have heard back from two othersets of missionaries, saying that they have new investigators from thephoto booth. THAT is exciting!!

Dad, I sent Michael's information off to the west mission so I'mreally hoping those missionaries contact him soon. It's kind of theshadow lands over there so I won't have any way to check up. But I didtext Michael and ask if he'd had time to talk with his missionariesyet! He said he's been really busy but hopefully soon. :)

On Thursday we got out of an all-day meeting and found out that Ali'scancer is in REMISSION! She just did her last batch of chemo andhopefully she'll be good to go after that! She came to church onSunday, not feeling well, and sat in the front row so that Braydoncould pass the sacrament to her for the first time. It made SisterMayfield and I cry. What a happy day.

We were knocking on some doors on Saturday and sister mayfieldmentioned how she was nervous about our trashing pool- everyonegetting baptized and how we needed to find someone to teach. Just atthat moment we walked past a member who stopped us and told us he hada referral for us- his upstairs neighbor, Nate, who had chased awaymissionaries before but was finally ready. Apparently he's on hissecond reading of the Book of Mormon. As we talked to the member, Natecame out of his apartment and we got to meet him right there! He cameto church and enjoyed it and we have an appointment with him forThursday. Pray for him! :)

Dawnna is a pioneer woman! There was opposition every step of the way to her baptism on Tuesday. But she kept telling us, "I can't believe how much peace I feel. I know this is the right decision." I absolutely adore and love her.

Speaking of peace, I have never seen someone fall so head over heels for the temple so quickly as Sharonda did. Her granddaughter Alex also came :) we will be friends forever!

Love you all!  Sister Browning

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