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missionary plaque picture

Monday, July 27, 2015

Confession: Sacrament Meeting Makes Me Trunky

We just had like 5 young couples move into the ward, on top of the half a dozen already here. There's nowhere to look to escape the cuteness. HELP 

Dear Family, 

So the major event that happened on Tuesday was that Sister Mayfield and I can both cross off "ride in an ambulance" off our bucket lists. We were in a lesson with Sharonda at the end of the day, just got through talking about tithing, and the law of chastity. Invitations extended, promised blessings given; I expect Sis Mayfield to ask Sharonda to say the closing prayer, but instead she says, "and, I'm seeing double vision." What? Thankfully Sharonda is a home health nurse and knew what to do. Our member Sis Bigler called the ambulance so I was like "guess we're gonna take a little ride?" The dispatch crew ended up being an all-Mormon group that happened to be all working overtime. They were able to give her a blessing in the back of the ambulance, and that was awesome. We laughed all the way to the ER, and we laughed while we were there, and we laughed home. When you're with Sister Mayfield even a trip to the ER becomes something funny and fun! :) 

We've been taking it pretty easy while sister mayfield recovers (oh yeah... It was dehydration. I didn't do my job as a good companion and make her drink enough water.) so we were inside a lot. Awesome stuff still happened though! Here's the short list: 

1. I got a call from sister Koyle and her adorable trainee, sister Thornock (forgot to tell you, I'm a grandma!) telling me that PATRICK IS GETTING BAPTIZED!! Do you remember Patrick, that you were probably praying for the whole time I was in Temple View YSA? He finally gained his testimony of the Book of Mormon and is ready! So many prayers will be answered this Saturday! 

2. Derek from robindale, showed up at church on Sunday! I saw him in the hall and it was all Icould do not to hug him! He was there because he was bringing a friend to church who lived in our YSA ward's boundaries. A year after his baptism, Derek is active, getting ready for the temple, and doing missionary work. Ahh my heart is bursting. 

3. While inside I decided to go through our ancient cell phone (it literally has 600 contacts in it...) and text everyone whose name I didn't recognize. Well, I didn't get very far, but I had one guy reply and say that he would love to meet with missionaries again! "In fact," he says, "since the last meeting, I have read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, and am now working my way through the pearl of great price. There is so much to talk about!" Whoa! He's going to talk to his wife and we'll hopefully meet this week. 

4. While watching the Joseph Smith movie with Sharonda, she looked at me and winked. I swear I saw Grandma Snow in her face. That was a special moment for me. I love this woman very much. 

5. We also had a lesson with her where I felt promoted to talk about kneeling morning and night when we pray and listening for answers. I realized that we had never said a kneeling prayer, so she probably didn't even know that's what you do! She sent us the sweetest message the next day telling us how revelatory that was for her, and how now she really feels like she's talking with God, and he's talking back. 

6. We have some sisters that are struggling with the work in their area and Saturday night they came to us for advice. I remembered the time in Kingman where Boulder springs was really struggling and how Sister Hame and I had to get really creative. I sat down with these sisters and for half an hour brainstormed all the finding ideas we could think of. They're gonna keep brainstorming and then pick three things to try first- one thing they can do on their own, one thing they need the wards help with, and one thing they need the district or zone's help with. I now know why I needed to go through that hard time in kingman- it was so I knew how to help these sisters. It means the world that they felt like they could come to us. :) 

Funny story of the week: walking away from a door that had been rude to us, sister mayfield through a one-second fit in frustration. She promptly then fell/stepped into a hole. "I get you, Heavenly Father!" Laughed till I cried. 
The zone leaders came to the rescue when they found out we were in the ER- little did they know that Sharonda and Sis Bigler were taking good care of us :) we're lucky to have such great people around! 

I am so tickled to hear how well everyone's doing at home, especially Ryan just taking off and running with scouts. Way to go, mister 9-merit-badger. Love you all so much! The church is true! Read your Book of Mormon every day, every day! 

"It's after all we can do, the Savior and us, together." -- Sister Porter, one of the awesome new sisters in the zone 

Love, Sister Browning 

P.S: I have a book recommendation for you..The Power of the Everyday Missionary by Clayton M Christiansen, who used to be the president of this mission. We have permission to read it during lunch and stuff. If anyone wants to know how they can comfortably and naturally share the gospel, that book will show you how to do it! It's awesome!! I think every member should read it! 

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