missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, July 13, 2015

"It's not just a covenant…it's a commitment!"

That quote is from you this week, Mom! That evening after we got to see you we were in a lesson with a recent converts, talking about covenants, and Sister Mayfield quoted you. "A wise woman said..." :) 

 (President Snow gave us permission to have lunch with Megan and her companion, Sister Mayfield.  Steve was able to give them both father's priesthood blessings after lunch, and we got to meet Megan's missionary trainer, Erika Luke.  An amazing treat for all of us!)

Well I'm just happier than ever out here. The time is going so fast and according to that blessing from Dad it's only going to go faster. Ali, Braydon, and Brennan's baptism was absolutely incredible! We had to move everyone into the chapel, so many people came to support her. About two dozen were nonmember friends that Ali had invited herself. A few of them were crying harder than the ward members were! 

Sister Mayfield and I got to sing Lord I Would Follow Thee at the baptism as a duet. She soared up high with the melody and I just supported her with the harmony part. It was almost symbolic of how our companionship works :P I tell everyone that it's such a blessing in be companions with such a talented, confident, happy, hardworking sister. I'm so grateful for her! 

Sharonda is back and she is more on fire with the gospel than ever! After Alli's baptism she told everyone she talked to about her baptism on the 25th. The ward just loves her and is taking her under their wing. We plan on seeing her every day this week and taking her to walk around the temple grounds on Friday :) 

Dawnna continues to have the spiritual strength of a pioneer woman. As far as family support goes, she is doing this alone. We are praying and fasting that her husbands heart will be softened . Her fellowshippers are helping her a ton and she totally knows that this is true and faith. She has an incredible amount of faith. 

I called Michael Dicks and he told me my parents are wonderful people! ;) it turns out he lives in the west mission... :( but hey, he is willing and excited to meet with missionaries! Good job mom and dad!! You are such great missionaries! It's so exciting to hear about all of the missionary experiences you're having.  
This is the Lords work! He still speaks to His children today and hearts are being changed because of it! The field is white already to harvest! Love you more than Sister Mayfield loves to sing the happy working song from Enchanted :) 
           Love always, Sister Browning  

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