missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, April 6, 2015

"I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music.”

Dear Family,
Well I think we can all agree that the best part of conference... was the part where President Uchtdorf started announcing the choir in German. What a jokester. :) Wasn't Conference amazing?? I have like 15 pages of notes in my study journal... I didn't intend to take that many but those men are so inspired. I loved every single talk. I loved it when Elder Oaks explained the parable of the sower because it made me think of so many recent converts, especially the ones we are working with right now and trying to help them grow their deep roots. I loved it when L Tom Perry talked about eternal families and how that sets us apart from every other church in the world. Only we have the eternal perspective of the family as eternal in both directions. I think that's my favorite aspect of the Gospel, is eternal families. I loved Rafael E Pino's analogy about the puzzle and how God can see the big picture. Sis Navarro and I have been talking about that one a lot. I loved Kevin W Pearson's evangelical zeal, pleading with everyone to "read every day, every day, every day!" Amen, Elder pearson. I loved Elder Holland's story that so beautifully explained how the Atonement redeems us from the fall, and Elder Uchtdorf's beautiful explanation of grace. I think my favorite talk was Wilford W. Andersen's, about that constant need to feel the joyful spiritual feelings of the Spirit. 1) because I have a big spot in my heart for music and dance, and 2) because it is SO important to keep practicing until the Holy Ghost truly is our constant companion. Oh wait... I loved Elder Renlund's too, becase he had so many good quotes... Ahh! How does a missionary pick a favorite conference talk?? I just want the whole WORLD to watch conference and love it!
This week we spent nearly the entire thing inside at meetings-- interviews with President Snow on Tuesday, weekly planning, zone training, and 8 hours of  conference. It was like being back in the MTC for a week, I was receiving so much spiritual instruction. That's kind of nice right in the middle of your mission, but I'm excited to work hard this week. Not as much happened in the work, but we were still able to teach a good chunk of people, have lots of street contacts, and we found this SUPER golden new investigator named Misael. He's 19 years old and wants to be a missionary. Apparently another set of missionaries ran into him right after we taught him the first lesson and he could spit it out like he'd known it his whole life. Give this guy a white shirt and a nametag!!
On Tuesday, we were walking through an apartment complex when we heard the words "church" and "latter day saint" coming from an apartment above our heads. Sis Navarro and I stopped, looked at each other, and scrambled up the stairs to find the door mo the apartment wide open with the 3 most fabulous, sassy, lovely African American women standing in the front room. They welcomed us in with a "heyyYYyy, just in time!" The two older women, Ranelle and Kennika are a mother and daughter who live there-- converts to the church-- and the other cute woman was a contractor for century link who just moved here from Kansas. Courtney came to Ranelle and Kennika's home thinking she would just be checking to see if their internet was fixed, but left with two new friends, a new babysitter for her two year old, some advice on where to find a good apartment, a new church for her young family, and the starting buds of a testimony. I love seeing how the Spirit works to make sure, if we're listening, that we're in the right place at the right time!

The rest of the week can be summed up in pictures. :) 

Sand volleyball, kinaki and easter egg hunting for Pday last week with the Sunrise stake. I love these kids. Sorry about my scantilly clad kneecap *gasp*

​Dying easter eggs at lunch. The glasses were a gift from us :) We have too much fun here.
Ehidy came to the stake center and watched general conference with us! She loved it! 

Kennika, Ranelle, and Courtney. Instant best friends! These ladies <3 <3

​So funny story about this mid-conference brunch... We walk from the stake center over to this member's house, and they have a spread of waffles, strawberries, ice cream, eggs, sausage, bacon, chocolate chips, the works. Not anticipating this development in the day I had chosen to fast... Haha, haha, hahahaha. You never know how much self control you have until you're fasting on waffle day. 

Well... this is it for the Josh's! I can hardly believe it. Tell them congratulations from me when you see them both this week ;) Love you all!!
Sister Browning

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