missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Companion's Excitement for Pday is Infectious

Note from Megan's Mom: Smedleys to the rescue--again!  They brought Megan medicine and homeopathics last week and took her out for dinner this week.  She is feeling so much better and so blessed to live in the Smedley's area!

Hi favorite family!! 

There's ANOTHER Burrows baby?! Tell them I said congratulations! He/she, name? 

Well, while you are all experiencing snow and bi polar Idaho spring weather, it was in the 90's down here this week! Members keep warning us that this summer is going to be a scorcher... because it was an unusually warm winter in Vegas. (I was in Kingman, which is quite a bit colder, so I missed that part.) 

I picked up my new companion on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Koyle and she's from Rupert, Idaho! I LOVE her. She is a fireball and a go-getter. She's super confident, bubbly, and loving. She was Miss Teen Idaho, if that tells you anything. Haha :) She was a dancer too... So we get along great. It doesn't seem like she's been out for 1 week-- she carries herself and talks to people like she's an experienced missionary. I'm really excited about this companionship! I think we'll make a great team! 

I'm feeling so much better now, just have a slight cough left! I'm taking allergy medicine and using that las vegas mix the Smedleys gave me. That basically takes care of the rest. :)

Sister Koyle and I worked so hard this week and it was wonderful! With Sister Koyle, I see my mission through different eyes.  I LOVE being surrounded by the "new missionary fire." I'd forgotten that I wanted to make it the "always missionary fire." I notice more and more miracles, and they feel more significant, even the little ones. 

...I also notice all the crazy people. There are so many crazy people in Las Vegas! And I'd kind of just gotten used to it. Quote of the week from Sister Koyle, as we see a group of people cross a busy intersection: "You know your clothes are too tight when you can see your cellulite through your pants and your long shirt." Haha, hahaha. Correct observation, Sister Koyle. 

Here's a list of the people we're currently teaching so you can pray for them by name: 

Patrick is in the air force here in Las Vegas. His family is back in Florida. He is so sweet and kind and humble. He has been struggling to understand the Book of Mormon but he's been very good about reading. We've been reading with him to try and help. He was going to come to the Why I Believe fireside with us last night but he texted us right before, saying that he wasn't sure he wanted to get baptized anymore. We're going over tonight to answer his questions and try to change his mind. 

Fausto is a really awesome guy who's very involved in his Christian church. He helps with a "celebrate recovery" group there and is always volunteering. He's already felt the Atonement work in his life... he just needs to understand how the restored Gospel will help him have full access to that Atonement! We gave him a tour of the temple grounds last week and set him for baptism but he's kind of stopped being responsive. He said he'd come to church this Sunday but then he didn't show up. We may have to drop him soon. 

Pedro and Valeria are siblings that we met on two separate occasions. Valeria is really interested but is preoccupied with her extended family because her grandpa just passed away and they get together every night after she gets off work to pray. Pedro is interested too but doesn't want to be taught without Valeria. We went over Saturday night to try and catch Pedro, and when we walked up the driveway we saw a girl we'd never met with gorgeous curly hair sitting in her car. She ended up being the girlfriend of Pedro and Valeria's brother. Her name is Maria. We came inside and had an amazing first lesson with her. The look in her eyes the whole time was like... "Could this be?" She told us she had goosebumps and kept rubbing her arms. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how she can have the gift of the Holy Ghost after she's baptized. She accepted our invitation to be baptized and said she'd come to church the next day but then she didn't come. 

Sister Navarro also found this super cool guy named John on our last day together this week. He showed up on the temple grounds a couple months ago and had questions, so his info was sent to us as a referral that we had gotten a couple months ago but never got in contact with, so his name just went on potential sheets. Anyway, we finally met him on Tuesday! He had been praying for guidance just an hour before we knocked on his door. He was like, "So what's next, do we have Bible studies, are there activities at the church, what do I do next??" We gave him a Book of Mormon and prayed with him right there. He was gone when we went back for our return appointment, and we only have his sister's phone number... but we'll catch him again. 

So this week was challenging-- we taught the least number of lessons I think I've ever taught. Most of the people we're teaching just kind of went MIA. Or we'd meet them, set up a return appointment, and they weren't there. But I can honestly say that Sis Koyle and I did everything we could for them this week, and THAT gives me joy! It also gives me joy knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan for His children here in Las Vegas that is so much bigger than me. So I know that in his timing we will find the elect and see miracles. I keep thinking of Elder Holland's quote: "If, for a while, the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived." 

So on Tuesday night I was making herbal tea for my throat... I thought I would try and, you know, get the last bit of crystallized honey out of the bottle. Hahahaha. It sounded like a small gunshot. My bad. 

Family Photo! Sister Luke and Sister Koyle and I at the assigning of new companionships :) 

I love you all, SO much! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Browning

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  1. Sister Browning!! I love your blog and that picture of you and Sis. Koyle and Sis. Luke!!!! You three missionaries have taught me so much! I love you guys and I'm glad for all your examples of Christlike missionary work!:)