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missionary plaque picture

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Cool temperature, relatively... Can't complain!"

"Cool temperature, relatively... Can't complain!"
--Elder Christiansen from "The District 2." Sis Navarro and I quote that at some point almost every day.

Something you should know about mission culture is that missionaries love nothing better than 1) quoting Disney movies, 2) quoting Harry Potter ("well done slytherin, well done slytherin") and 3) quoting the District, basically the only thing we actually watch. This week Sis Navarro was like "I have to marry a return missionary so that we can quote the District together," and I was like, this girl truly knows her priorities. Haha :)


Oh dearest family, I hope you had a great time in Washington! It sounds like it was a blast! Congratulations on having bladders of steel; it looks like you've taken an entire half hour off our record driving time from Idaho to Seattle. Also congratulations to Nelson for basically being the smartest person on the face of the planet. You should transfer to Provo and tutor anatomy and show 'em how it's done! Mom, I think your email got stuck in the filter or something. Hopefully there wasn't anything super urgent you needed me to respond to this week :)

Are you so excited for CONFERENCE?! Oh man. Have fun at the conference center, you lucky ducks! I've had a deep love for conference since I was 16 but as a missionary it's just so much better, I don't know how to describe it. The Women's broadcast was amazing. The stake put on a really nice pre-broadcast social with homemade muffins and apple cider and it had a really good turnout. 2 recent converts came and watched it with us, Anne and Kassie. They're both not the biggest fans of Relief Society, so I was praying the whole time that it would be a deeply spiritual experience for them. By the end of the broadcast, Anne was bawling. So that's good ;) I think the broadcast really changed her perspective on Relief Society.

Well this weekend, Kassie got baptized on Friday and then I got to go back to Kingman for Andy's baptism the next day! With that and the women's broadcast, it was the best weekend ever! I'm so excited for them. I'm especially excited for Andy, because he's become such a great patriarch for his family. I just never could have known that first time that Sister Martin and I talked to him at the mailbox that he would lead the way for his family to accept the gospel. Anna and Braden shouldn't be far behind :)

Sister Cook came to my area on exchanges this week and it was the most amazing day. I feel like I spent the day with Walt Disney and he told me to go live my dreams. All I did was mention to her that I would love to be a piano teacher my whole life, and she dreamed up a design for my own piano studio and drew it out for me. She also encouraged me to make my little apartment a home, and take the time at lunch or on Pday to organize it and decorate it. That's actually something I've been wanting to do all transfer and it felt so good to have someone give me permission. I've been turning into a little homemaker :) Sister Cook and Hutchings were sitting in front of us at the women's broadcast, and when the speaker said something along the lines of "anyone can help to make their house a home wherever they live" they slowly turned around and gave me a knowing smile. Our little one-bedroom apartment is now a much cleaner, more orderly, more beautiful little place where the Spirit can be felt in abundance.

Kassie's baptism! Toby, Kassie, and us. She was glowing!

Bro Walker, the sisters, Andy, his son Braden and his wife Anna :) What a champ. I've learned more about faith and humility from him than just about anyone else.

I love you all! Have a great week!
With love,
Sister Browning

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