missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, March 9, 2015

Here Comes Hump Day!

These are all the missionaries that were able to come to the baptism last night! 
Dear Family!
Yikes... in two days I hit my 9 month mark. Dad, you hit it on the head when you said it just goes by faster and faster the harder you work. Someone explained the mission to me as a rollercoaster. The first 6 months are like the uphill climb-- chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-- and the last year is like the whoooooosh of coming down! That's exactly what it feels like! No, I'm not ready to have less time left than I've spent. I'd like to stay forever, thank you very much :)
Uncle Kevin is right-- I meet in a church building right next door to the temple! The Las Vegas temple is quickly becoming one of my favorites :) It's so beautiful and it's HUGE. Saturday night, after a baptism for a boy named Blas we got to take him, another recent convert, and two investigators for a walk around the grounds and show them the lobby. There's nothing like serving in a place where everyone wants to know what the big white building is, and you can say, "come and see!"
I did get to go back and see Helen and Gaven's baptism. No, I wouldn't say president Snow is necessarily too strict! But he's a great, loving understanding president. I wish you could have been at that baptism-- there were so many missionaries there, some that have already been released, and some that are still serving-- and almost the whole ward turned up for it. We filled the whole chapel. I at least wish I could bottle up the love and the Spirit that was in that room and send it home in a box so you could feel what it was like. Fun fact: The woman who drove me there (and another sister missionary who is serving in North) has been good friends with the Smedleys since 1994, Her name is Sister Montandon. Love having these connections! She knows Grandma and Grandpa Snow, too!
My New Companion is Sister Navarro. She's been out for 4 months :) She knows the area a lot better than I do (correction... we cover 3 stakes, so I never know where I am!) and is making sure we don't die on these crazy Vegas roads. Hopefully I'll get the hang of everything soon.
Katherine, don't drink backwash chocolate milk! It's not worth it! ;) Hahaha. I love you all!
Love, Sister Browning

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