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missionary plaque picture

Monday, January 26, 2015

This Will Be a Short One #obedience

Hi Family!

 Whoooooooo... I have approximately 10 minutes left of emailing time left! Where did the time go?! So I will spit out as much about this week as I can and I apologize that it's so short!

Something amazing happened this week... Who am I kidding? Something amazing happens every week. But this was really cool. Bobby is NOT gone! :) He called us on Monday evening and told us how after we said goodbye he had this sick, hollow feeling. He could hardly sleep that night and couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. The next day, the feeling wouldn't leave him and he said he finally dropped to his knees at the train station and asked God what he should do. He said he felt a voice say, "Call your angels!"

So we've started teaching him again but we're taking it slow and not pushing baptism right now. We've been teaching him in member's homes which is making the biggest difference. I have a testimony of teaching investigators in member's homes!! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is changing this 60 year old war veteran from the inside out. This is one of the coolest things I've been a part of my whole mission so far.

Yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting about the joy of sharing the gospel and it's made me really reflect. Missionary work is true joy! Here are a few things I experienced this week that sum up joy to me:

Joy is sitting in sacrament meeting with Bobby and getting a sticky note passed to me that says "What's my next reading assignment? Need more knowledge."

Joy is reading back through your journal and realizing that you can see the Lord's hand in every day of your life for the past 7 months.

Joy is when a plan falls through and Heavenly Father leads you to the exact street and exact house you needed to visit at that time. 

Joy is realizing that it is completely true when Christ says  "Without me, ye can do nothing."

Joy is recognizing that sometimes, you're a complete nutcase, and having a companion that loves you anyway.

Joy is that moment right when you're tempted to give up on the day and you get a timely phone call from someone you met that wants to set up an appointment with you.

Joy is hearing a member say "our lives were blessed by having the missionaries in our home."

The week in general was a little slow until Saturday night, when we found lots of new investigators! Miracle Sunday! We have been visiting a ton of members and inviting them to make family mission plans. Really trying to get the wards excited about missionary work. Hopefully we'll see lots of success from that :)

A couple priceless quotes from Sister Hame this week:

After another investigator asserts less interest in the gospel than we thought: "Maybe you should start wearing a sign under your nametag that says 'I have a boyfriend.' "

Some time later: "... Maybe you should write 'celibate' on your forehead."

"On a scale of one to Herbine, how missionary minded are you?"

Reading a sign on someone's door that says "Enter in Peace:" "And then if you sit on their couch, you're resting in peace!"

We found an entire box of free toothbrushes in our "room of requirement." This is EXACTLY what Kingman needs! Salvation and a toothbrush!

Also thought the "women working" was pretty applicable. :)

Thanks for all your emails and your prayers! I'm so grateful for my mission! The Gospel of Jesus Christ allows us maximum happiness and maximum freedom! I know this is true! I sure love you all. Even though I'm over here in Kingman AZ, you are in my prayers every single day!

Ever onward! :)
Sister Browning

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