missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Only January of My Mission is Over?

Hey Family!

I'm super happy for  little missionary moment with Debbie and Scotty Krick. Boy do I know what it feels like to have people flake on you! Only EVERY day! So it really is something to celebrate when you finally do make that contact! How wonderful that they got to be in your home. Feeling the Spirit in a convenant-keeping home makes the biggest difference in peoples progression.

Those quotes from this week made me laugh out loud! Thanks for giving me more reasons to laugh! Keep em coming!!

Well this week.... What happened this week? Oh! So Dominic, this guy we started teaching and then passed off to the zone leaders, got baptized on Saturday! He is 15 years old and good friends with Gavin, one of the priests in our ward. He came with him to church for 2 months and then introduced himself to us and asked if he could take the lessons. He was ready for baptism by lesson 1. But he lives in Centennial Park boundaries, so we passed him off. It was really cool to be at his baptism and see him there with his awesome supportive family and awesome supportive friends. Just goes to show that you are always setting an example as a member of the church, and people are watching, and it is making an impact! Even and especially in high school! Those kids are such great missionaries and Dominic is so elect! He'll be a great missionary himself in a few short years.

We also had a miracle with Doug. Have I told you about Doug? Sister Hame calls him Doug the Thug. Because he kinda has this tough-guy air... but he is a teddy bear, and we know the truth. We have been teaching him for about a month. Lately, he's really started to progress, and on Saturday we had a SUPER Spirit-led lesson with him... I hardly remember what we talked about! Best feeling ever! And he finally said he would come to church. True to his word, he came! He was pretty wiped out after the first hour but promised with a twinkle in his eye that he would come to all three hours next week. Yayyyy Doug!

Can I also tell you about my new favorite investigators?? This week we started teaching a couple named Andy and Anna. Ohhhh my gosh. I love them with my whole heart. Andy has a lot of social anxieties that make it hard for him to leave his apartment. We met him via miracle one day when "something told him" to go check the mail. That was a big hurdle for him, but because he did it, and talked to us, we were able to set up a return appointment. He has so much faith and such a sincere desire to know what's true. He's being so brave, praying, reading, inviting people into his home, and making plans to come to church! Anna is so supportive. My heart absolutely goes out to them. And the coolest part is I can feel a little smidge of Heavenly Father's love for them. And He loves them a LOT! :)

We got a new bishopric in White Cliffs! Change is hard because I absolutely love Bishop Tinnel and I'll miss working with him. However. Our ward mission leader, Brother Pease, is now in the Bishopric so that calling is wide open... And we are praying that Bishop Tinnel fills the spot! That would be the dream!

And of course, some gems from Sister Hame for your enjoyment.

After our investigator got a ride to church and then walked home when no one was looking: "Only in Boulder Springs could you get an investigator to church and they still don't come to church."

In a Word of Wisdom lesson with our 13-year-old recent convert: "What they don't show [in beer advertisements] is the part where your head is over a pooper and you're throwing up everything other than your memories!" Thankfully the young women leader present laughed at that one.

"You know you're a sister missionary when you go to remove the black makeup residue from under your eyes... and it isn't makeup"

"This town is full of weirdos, but they are God's weirdos, and I love them."

"I love you like a fat kid loves cake... well... like a missionary loves cake... because we're all fat"

Dominic is the crazy tall one in the middle. His friend Gavin who baptized him is on his left:)
We also had exchanges this week; I went to Havasu with my favorite Sister Hutchinson!
Hiking in the Hualapais

I love you all! I know we have a Savior that performed an infinite Atonement for us! I know that He thinks of you every time He looks at His hands, and understands perfectly your struggles. "I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." 1 Ne 21:16

Onward ever onward!
Love, Sister Browning

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