missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, January 12, 2015

Marriage Proposals and Menudo

Hello to my world-traveling parents and beloved family!! 

It sounds like the theme of the week is cruising!! Sounds like the cruise was wonderful, you got to cruise along parasailing, the ward is cruising to a new bishopric, and all the Rigby kids are cruising off to missions!! That's got to be the best experience to be a part of! It will be so cool for you to see how they've changed when they come home. :)

What a cool missionary moment you had at the airport!! I hope Meagan takes the lessons and lets it change her life! Way to plant seeds and invite! You are all such great member missionaries. :) 

Well this week was just grand. On Thursday we took a day trip to Las Vegas with the two other Kingman sisters for doctor's appointments. Ironically-- one sister has ADHD, the other has anxiety/depression, and Sis Hame has bi polar. We're all a little mad here. ;) So they were all going for perscriptions and counseling and stuff, and I just got to go along for the ride! We were joking that, hopefully the next time we go to Las Vegas, I won't be the one having the appointment. It's only a matter of time before I go crazy, you see. ;) I love those sisters so much. We got to walk around temple grounds for a few minutes before we left for Kingman (the temple was closed for cleaning) and that was wonderful.  

The previous mission president's wife, Sister Neider, passed away from cancer early Friday morning. Lots of missionaries who know and love her said that even before they heard the news, they just felt different. She made an incredible impact on a lot of people. That day, we saw so many miracles in the work that we knew she was helping us from the other side. 

Have I told you about the Herbines? They're the most amazing family.. They have been members of the church for 2 years, Bro Herbines on the High Council, and they love missionaries. They just treat us like royalty! It's always a good day when the Herbines are involved. For example, I went to use the bathroom after the prayer over dinner and when I came back I found that everyone, teenagers included, had waited for me to dish up! And 11-year-old Jack prepared the dinner message for us about the refiner's fire and overcoming challenges. Being in their home really feels like being in the temple. I want my home to feel like that someday. 

The same night we were there for dinner, Bro and Sis Herbine came with us to a lesson with our investigator Bobby. Bobby's so excited about baptism, he jumped up and wrote it on his calendar! He is one of the most humble people I've ever met. 60 years old, been everything from a marine to a jailbird to homeless, and now he just wants to repent and be clean and feel close to God. (This is the same investigator who was reading the Book of Mormon by candlelight.) Bro Herbine was able to relate to him so well and shared his favorite scripture, 1 Ne 2:16 about how we need to humble ourselves and seek for answers. The Spirit was so strong in that tiny little trailer home. Bobby told us that if it wasn't for our persistence and patience with him, he may never have investigated, and now he's preparing for baptism. The Herbines said, "they're angels," and we both cried :P 

It just feels so good to know that someone appreciates what we're trying to do. A lot of times I feel like the members and others that we meet see us more as two bumbling fools than servants of the Lord. But that's one thing I've been thinking about a lot-- the words of a hymn keep coming to my mind. "Go forth to serve and do your best with no thought of reward; then you shall know the boundless joy of serving Christ the Lord." If I start thinking about my own personal recognition, that's when I get discouraged. But when I'm motivated more by love for the people I serve and for my Heavenly Father, that's when the good things start happening! A mission makes you painfully aware of your weaknesses and limitations, and Sister Hame and I make mistakes a lot, and sometimes they're embarrassing, but I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father lets me, little 19-year-old Sister Browning, play a small role in blessing and serving His children. It just puts me in awe sometimes.  

We finally have neighbors in the apartment next door to ours, and they are a sweet Hispanic family. We picked up the mom, Cynthia, and the 20 year old son, Franco, as new investigators yesterday! And it was Carlos's first experience being the member at a lesson! We didn't know this when we asked Carlos to come with us, but they used to be Pentecostal, just like Carlos. He bore a powerful testimony about how they can recognize the truth of the Church from what they've known in the past. Preach My Gospel says that's the ideal scenario, and they were right! :)

Jeren, Cynthia and Franco also gave us a freezer bag full of menudo this week, and I thought of you and your mission! That was the dreaded soup stuff, right? Thankfully it was chicken, not cow stomach... but it was still suspicious. Haha

Alright, let's get to the important stuff: Your weekly dose of quotes from the hilarious Sister Hame. Hopefully you think these are funny, maybe there a have-to-be-there kind of thing?

In a lesson with a less-active, and again at a dinner appointment: "Church and scripture study are SO detrimental to your testimony." I do not think that word means what you think it means. 

After attempting to ride bikes and realizing that her brakes are shot: "Biking's like an ex-boyfriend, you keep giving it another chance..."

While reminiscing about childhood: "Can't we get back to roller coaster tycoon and good charlotte?" 

After our new and supposedly golden investigator asks me to marry him: "Sorry you're pretty, Sister Browning..."

At the end of a miracle day: "My heart, like, hurts, it's so full of joy... Maybe that's just the menudo coming back up" 

After borrowing my lotion: "I smell like a daughter of God."

Musing out loud while driving the car: "I change my hair all the time... like I'm bi polar or something." 

...But she actually is. So it's funny. 

After our investigator came to church drunk: "Alcohol smells like Satan's armpit."

Well, I sure love you all! The Church is so super true! Thanks for taking the time to write to me! 

Ever onward :)
Love, Sister Browning 

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