missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, December 14, 2015

That's a Wrap!

Dear family,

First, a video!

Well I'm the most shocked of anyone that 18 months has come and gone this fast. Serving a mission has been the best decision I have ever made. People keep asking me, "how have you seen yourself change from the beginning of your mission till now?" And that's really caused me to reflect. Im still me, but I have changed a lot. I know and love my Savior on a personal level that I hadn't experienced before. I understand not just how blessed I am to have the gospel in my life, but how rare that is, and I understand the urgency to bring the gospel to a fallen and searching world. I've learned how to love people. I've learned how to work hard and be happy. I've learned how to repent. The things that I want and my highest priorities in life are different now than they were before my mission. I know that I wouldn't be prepared to be the wife and mother I need to be someday without my mission. It was definitely a necessary part of the plan for me, and such a blessing!

There are three things we can take with us after we die, and that's our knowledge, our character, and our relationships. The relationships I've been able to form on my mission are the most precious things to me. I love everyone I have met and served with here and especially the people I was able to teach. I have seen people change through the atonement of Christ and find true lasting joy, and I know now that all they have to do to start on that path is to read the book. The Book of Mormon is true and I have had an unmistakeable witness of that. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Christ's church was restored through him and is on the earth today. I know God loves us, and I know the Savior is our everlasting friend. The whole purpose of the gospel is to help us live forever with our families. I'm excited to be a member missionary and apply all the things I've learned in a new adventure!

Love you all, and see you soon!
Sister Megan Browning

Monday, December 7, 2015


President and sister snow took us after our Monday meeting :) and then we went to lunch. It was like my "last hurrah field trip" he called it. I've never laughed so hard while bowling (you'd be surprised how well missionary humor and bowling go together). Felt like President threw me a surprise birthday party! It was what we all needed because this is gonna be one stressful week with Christmas conferences!

It's December!

Dear Family,

It sounds like you're doing great! It's so crazy that the pool is basically done! Ryan looks so good at his dance competition!

Right now my life kind of sounds like this:

"I'm dreaming tonight of a place..." SKIP

"I'll be home for...." SKIP

"All I want for Christmas is..." SKIP

Haha. So, yes Mom, tug-of-war is right! It's exciting and also heartbreaking to think about coming home. So I'm just soaking up every last minute I can.

Here's our week in a minute and 45! Thanks for continuing to pray for me and for your emails :) This next week and a half is going to be the best! I plan to just go out with guns blazing! I love my mission so much and I'm grateful for every second I get to spend here.

D&C 123:17 "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." 

Love you all two times around the world, and then some :) 

Love, Sister Browning