missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, August 31, 2015

"In the gift of His Son hath God prepared a more excellent way!"

Ether 12:11 :) Favorite scripture of the week! 

Dear Family, 

I LOVED the pictures of the Cotswalds! It looks like you had such a blast! Did you get any pictures outside the London temple? If you've got more pictures send them my way :) 

This week was stressful. Sis Loveless and I worked harder than ever and found several new investigators. We were excited about them but most dropped us before the week was over. We've been working with a sweet 14 year old girl named Kylee whose mom got baptized in May and her stepdad became active at the same time. She really wants to be baptized but is afraid of what her dad will think. We had an amazing lesson with her on Saturday where we'd felt prompted to invite her to be baptized, but the next day at church her mom told us that Kylee had a breakdown, worrying about her decision. That broke my heart and I felt so horrible. I just have to trust that Sis Loveless and I were following the Spirit when we invited her to be baptized and trust that it will be okay. 

We're also working with a sweet girl whose aunt was recently baptized in another ward. She wants to be baptized so badly but lives with her dad on the weekends. He'll let her go to church but doesn't want to take her. We're praying and trying to figure out a way to work around that. Thankfully she has some great fellowship in the ward. We brought Sister Hafen and her cute daughter with us and they invited her out to the activites. So we'll start there. :)
 So we knocked on a door this week that had one of those alcoves next to it... Sis Loveless dared me to see if I could fit in it. This is the best I could do :) haha 
Our yummy egg tomato and avocado breakfast, to celebrate after our back-to-back exchanges were over! I love sister l<3veless! 

I don't have that much else to report but I do want to bear my testimony. I have come to realize that peace, joy and love are not just words that make people feel good-- they are human needs. Lasting peace and incomprehensible joy come when we live the doctrine of Christ. Heavenly Father loves us more than we can comprehend. Families are the most important unit and the greatest blessing. This life was not designed for us to figure out on our own. We need our families! We need each other. I've decided that when I have my own family, my first priority will be the things that keep us unified: Daily scripture study. Daily family prayer. Family Home Evening. Listening to General Conference and attending church together. Serving together and playing together. I refuse to skimp on those things. I've seen what happens when families stop putting Christ and His teachings at the center of their relationships. I'm so grateful for my family and the pattern they've set of gospel living. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's original Church restored to the earth. I feel this in my heart and it is confirmed to me every time I pray. Jesus Christ lives and His prophets point to Him. And I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. :) 

Love you times a million! Have a happy week! 
Sister Megan Browning

Monday, August 24, 2015

"It can be easy, or it can be FUN!"

Hi Family! 

So I looked back at my email from last week and I think half of it got cut off and lost in space... I didn't mean to write that short of an email!  :/ Sorry guys. I went on to talk about how we took Nate and Jori for a tour of the temple grounds and they were totally speechless. There was a white dove up in the rafters and Nate was like "If that isn't a sign that the Spirit's here, along with the fact that this is the only place that can make me speechless..." Jori texted us later and told us at the temple, she finally felt that she was where she belonged. Pretty cool stuff. 

 I sure miss Sister Mayfield but I LOVE Sister Loveless! I talked about this in the vanishing half of my last email... but she came straight from my area in Kingman AZ! So we've taught the same people, love the same members and recent converts and investigators.... we've had the most wonderful time talking about Kingman and all the people we love there. Andy's wife Anna and their son Braden are getting baptized in September (:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so we will get to go to the baptism TOGETHER! How cool is that?!!! 

Anyway, Sis Loveless brings out the best in me. She's been out 7 and a half months and she's from KIRKLAND WASHINGTON. Yeah! (Fun fact: Our whole leadership team, the ZLs and us, are from Western WA. Vancouver, Enumclaw, Kirkland, and Kent. It's operation occupy GREEN valley!) She loves the color yellow and is the most positive, happy, hardworking and down-to-earth girl. We're having a blast and working hard. It's really cool because we've been able to feel the Spirit guiding us to be in the exact right place in the right time. 

For example: One night we were driving to contact some referrals and we both felt like that wasn't where we needed to be. So we pulled over and said a prayer, and felt like we needed to visit a recent convert named Sis Frazer. We knocked on her door, no answer. Talked to a guy on the street, not interested. Felt prompted to knock on another door, not nice. Decided to leave- as Sister Loveless was backing out the car, someone else drove by and she waved. I watched in the rear view mirror as the driver stopped, backed up, and rolled down the window. It turns out it was a woman named Cindall, who has met missionaries before and wants us to come back! Look at that. If we'd left any sooner we would have missed her. Heavenly Father's timing is perfect. I know that if always trust in that, it will always eventually make sense. 

This week we had an amazing stake conference with a member of the seventy named Elder Tilleman. During the adult session he impromptu called one of our companionships of sisters up impromptu to share their testimonies. One sister, Sister Shaw, had only been out since wednesday and bore the sweetest testimony. Sister Porter, her trainer, has only been out for 4 months and said some incredibly profound things. I just sat there and bawled. 

A few things that Sis Porter said that I want to pass on (paraphrasing) : 

"We [the missionaries] are here to be your backup. When I came on my mission it was a lot easier than I thought it would be to talk to people. I thought it was the nametag... I learned that sharing the gospel isn't putting on a mask, it's taking one off." 

"The difference between me and you is a piece of plastic.... 'If ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work.' D&C 4 was written to Joseph Smith Sr- a member missionary.' "

What a powerhouse! It was really cool to see the attitude of all the members toward missionaries and missionary work change after conference was over. So grateful to serve around such amazing sisters. :) 

I love you so much! It sounds like you had such a blast on your London trip! I can't wait to see photos. And Dad, that's so exciting that you were able to give that Book of Mormon to Amelia! I'll pray for her that she reads it and reaches out to the missionaries!! That is AWESOME! :) Best of luck adjusting back to normal time and starting school! And happy birthday to mom! Best momma in the world! 

Love, Sister Browning

We made welcome banners for our missionaries and put them on their doors while they were at the new missionary meeting :) we have some young missionaries in our zone! They are all under 5 months old and two are brand new! 

Comp study with L<3VELESS :) I have reached a point in my mission where companion study almost always happens on the floor. I kneel down to pray and I just can't get up! 

Have a lovely week! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sister Browning plays the bagpipes

Dearest darlingest momsie and popsicle,

The house is STUNNING. My jaw dropped at those photos! Well done
family! But really, it's like you knew what my dream house in my mind
looks like and filled it with all my favorite things. That's gonna be
such a wonderful gathering place :)

Also, the wedding announcements are adorable! Tell Tanner and Caitlin
I said congratulations. They look SO happy :)

To answer your questions Mom, yes we get to do the new member lessons
with Sharonda :) thank goodness because I would miss her too much if
we couldn't!

And the Mormon plushie was a joke, not anti :) Nate and Jori jokingly
told their daughter that Mormons are little cute creatures that hatch
from eggs... Mark and Clara, The young LDS couple that lives next door
made her a stuffed animal to go with it. Mark was like "yeah... We

took the joke that far." In fact, Clara made us our own Mormons too!

Ta da! 

We took Nate and Jori for a walk around the temple. Usually, when I've given temple tours on my mission it's been like, teach-expound-exhort-testify etc, but this was the first time where I really felt speechless. It was a very clear message from the Spirit: "stop talking and let him take it in!" There's a little atrium where we sat for a moment and Nate pointed out a white dove sitting in the rafters. He took that as a sign that he was in the right place :) 

Transfers are upon us again. I realized this morning that it is transfer #11 for me?! *gulp* Sis Mayfield is leaving and I am getting Sis Loveless, straight from my area in Kingman! She told me that when she got her transfer news she was with my favorite family, the Andersons. They are so excited for two of their missionaries to be companions! Sis Loveless told me that Anna and their son Braden have finally accepted a baptism date for September!! We will hopefully get to go back to it together!! Ahh joy! :) :) :) 

We had a sisters lunch on Saturday and gave them all crazy glasses! There's a couple not pictured that had to leave early :/ we weren't fast enough whipping out the camera. Still cute though. 

Well that's about all I have to report this week! I'm continually amazed by how much peace the Gospel brings and how much there is to learn about it. The more I apply the atonement and feel it changing me, the more I realize that everyone needs what I have! I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know God loves His children. He sends His ministering angels and divine aid whenever we are in need. All He asks that we ask, seek, and knock! 

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy taking those names to the LONDON TEMPLE, you lucky ducks! I sure love and pray for you! 


Sister Megan Browning

Monday, August 10, 2015

DoTerra vs. Doctrine and Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish word of the week: July. "I can't believe it! You are going to London?! July to me!"

There's an adorable set of sisters, Sis Hope and Jane that we love that have started sending us a "spanish word of the day" to use in a sentence. I have decided to send you one every week. Enjoy! 

Hey Everyone! 

Zach told me he was going to email you! It was so so so cool to be able to be at his first baptism on Saturday. He baptized his friend Dylan in the Royal Mesa YSA ward (The one Derek introduced to the missionaries!) Zach, Derek, Sabrina and Sharonda were all at the baptism. Derek and Sabrina are both dating good LDS kids and I'm hoping there will be some celestial wedding bells in the future ;) It was SO COOL to be able to witness that! He had Sis Mayfield and I sing I know that my redeemer lives. I will be so sad when she's not my companion and we can't sing duets anymore. Anyway, it has been amazing to see Zach's progression in the gospel and I'm so excited for him to go through the temple this fall. 

Speaking of the temple, Sharonda did baptisms for the first time this saturday!! While walking down the stairs to the baptistry she had to stop in her tracks and just take it all in. It was the cutest thing. :) She had a wonderful experience and was excited to learn she can go back as often as she wants. 

Have so much fun in London you lucky ducks!! Mom, you asked for tips on how to contact people on the plane?? Boy do I have tips! I think the best thing would be to take a Book of Mormon. A pass-along card is great but only if you explain what it's for (e.g, they can find missionaries anywhere in the world on mormon.org, they can look up videos of mormons with similar interests to theirs, they can look up the questions they have and find answers, etc.) otherwise it's just a piece of paper they'll put in their wallet and never look at again. Definitely take BoMs because that's what converts people. 

Some things you could say: 

1. "Do you like to read?" (talk about your favorite books and then talk about the book of mormon.) Everybody take a book of mormon and give it away to the person next to you on the plane! You have 18 hours to do it so it will be easy ;) 

2. "Are you going home?" This lets you talk about family. Preach my gospel says that people tend to naturally have an interest in families. You can share with them what your family means to you and how the gospel has kept your family strong. 

3. Drop "Mormon lingo." "We're going to the temple in London while we're there. Have you ever seen an LDS temple?" Or "during family home evening this week... Oh, that's something we do in our church each Monday night..." Etc. 

Oh this is so much fun. :) This is my challenge for you this week! Have a missionary experience on the plane! I will be praying for ya! I'm soooooo excited for you! Just like it says in 3rd Nephi, being involved in the work of salvation is what brings real joy!! "Ye have desired that ye might bring the souls of men unto me, while the world shall stand. And for this cause ye shall have fullness of joy...." I know this is true! It's been confirmed to me over and over again :) it is exhausting, stretching, and difficult , but so worth it!

Love you all soooo much. 
Love, Sister Browning 

Quotable quotes from this week: 

Nate, talking about the picture of Moroni burying the plates: "Who's that silver fox?!" 

So our ward is so incredibly into DoTerra essential oils that sometimes it's hard for them to distinguish between doterra and doctrine.... some quoteable quotes from recent sundays: 

During a young man's sacrament talk: "He memorized the Proclamation on the Family in 11 days... Pretty good, but I think with oils I could cut the time in half." 

Discussing the parable of the 10 virgins in relief society: "It seems selfish at first that the 5 wise didn't share their oil, but you see..." 

A doterra lady: "I would share my oils!" 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Alma 29:10

Hi Everybody,

First things first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREE!! The big 1-4, woop woop!!
I hope there's a stake dance coming up! There is a letter on its way
for you :) and happy birthday to Lauren this week!!

I'm so grateful for this mission. It's growing and stretching me so
much. We talked to a lot of people this week that were pretty closed
off... ok, some of them were pretty hostile. We met with Alan, the guy
I texted, and gave him a tour of the church. He had listened to the
Book of Mormon on a podcast (not put out by the church), and
definitely hadn't listened with real intent. He and several other
people we met this week bad-mouthed a lot of the truths I hold dear. I
think the farther I get into my mission, the more it hurts when I
testify of the things I know are true and people don't have an open
heart to understand. I'm really grateful for these experiences though,
because they show me just how much my testimony has deepened in the
last year. It also teaches me a lot about the enabling power of the
Atonement. When I'm able to stand in the driveway of a 50-year-old man
who is trying to, in a very Korihor-like way catch me in my words, and
somehow say the right thing for the circumstance and walk away, I know
I have Christ and His power helping me to do something I couldn't do
on my own.

Saturday was THE BEST day EVER for three reasons which are in these
photos below:

1: Mini missionaries! 5 stakes in the surrounding areas participated
in a big youth conference and every set of missionaries got 1 or 2
laurels/priests to work with them for the day. We had Awilda and
Jordan, the two cutest girls on the face of the planet. We did splits
with them and Awilda had to leave halfway through the day, but Jordan
got to come to Sharonda's baptism and our evening appointments with

us. Fun Stuff!



2: Sharonda's baptism!! This woman is so amazing. The next day in church she was confirmed and then she got her temple recommend after the meetings were over. She had us over for dinner this week and I found myself inviting her to come spend new year's with us. Do we have any plans for new year's, mom? :) I want her to meet you guys so bad! She also told me that I feel like a daughter to her, and if she had a son, she would want him to marry me. Wow. Biggest compliment ever. She'd be the perfect mother in law, but I'll just keep her as a forever friend! 
Sharonda's sister came to the baptism and is really interested in learning more! We gave her a book of mormon and the ward mission leader practically taught her the whole restoration right there. We're going to meet with her this friday to teach her more! Hooray!

3: Patrick's baptism! Right after Sharonda's baptism I got picked up by a member and got to go back to Temple View. Before I left temple view, I gave Sister Koyle the instructions, "don't give up on Patrick!" She didn't, and neither did Heavenly Father, and he's finally gained the testimony that he struggled so long for. It was an awesome awesome day. 

Dad, there's a sister serving somewhere in Rigby whose family just moved to Whitney Ranch. Her name is Sister Emily Rawlins? Have you met her? If you see her, tell her I said hi and keep up the great work and that her family's doing well :) 

I love you all! Thanks for all the emails and letters this week! 
Love, Sister Browning