missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, May 4, 2015

"I knew God existed, but I didn't know He was present in my life."

--Ehidy, bearing her testimony for the first time in sacrament meeting yesterday :) She is amazing!
Dear Family,
Well the weeks all blur together but from what I can remember about this one, it was really good! We got to do an endowment session with all the new missionaries and trainers, the APs and MSTLs and Pres & Sis Snow. The Las Vegas temple might be my favorite temple in the world. Sorry Idaho Falls.  
I'm so grateful and touched that you all took the time to memorize my investigator's names and pray for them!! Do I have the best family in the universe?! Thank you thank you thank you! Prayer list for the week: Patrick, Kenneth, Brissa, John, Britney, Juan, Randy, and Karina. Oh and Pedro.
Patrick is still struggling to get work off but we finally got him in the church!! And had an amazing lesson with him. We really feel that church will do the trick for him. We taught Brissa the easiest law of chastity and word of wisdom lesson I think I've ever taught. She has been Mormon her whole life and just didn't know it.
So you're right, Juan is new, we found him this week. The first time we talked to him in his driveway he asked us practically every question of the soul found in Chapter 5 of preach my gospel. Guess what, Juan? All your questions can be answered with the Book of Mormon! He came to church on Sunday and then to the devotional/break the fast afterward. With some heavenly help he will be baptized at the end of the transfer!
Our less active friend Xareny invited her sister Karina to sit in on a missionary lesson with us and we picked her up as a new investigator! This is a huge deal because Xareny was baptized 3 years ago and Karina has never once been in a missionary lesson. This week we'll go back and teach her the Restoration. We are so excited to see what happens :)
I can't even describe Randy over email... He is too hilarious to type about... Ask me about him when we Skype.
Saturday night there was a huge boxing match on the strip that everyone was watching. The tickets were thousands of dollars and it even cost $100 just to watch it on your TV. We were able to still teach a lesson to Juan during it though. He wanted us to teach him outside so we sat on his driveway and taught on a cul de sac lined up and down with cars. I was praying so hard that noise from people watching the game in their houses wouldn't disrupt the Spirit and the lesson and prayers answered, no interruptions! Once we got to the end of the lesson a bunch of people started yelling at each other in Spanish so we figured that was our cue to wrap up. Haha 

Funny story of the week: The weather is starting to heat up, so Sister Koyle & I have been having a competition to see who can drink the most water in a day. One day I got 103 ounces, no big deal. On one of these days Sister K had just been guzzling it, and we'd had no time to stop for a bathroom break... we get out of a lesson and are on our way to another one at the church. She is holding my hand and breathing like she's in labor as she drives up the hill to the church... I'm busting a gut laughing, which is making her mad because if she laughs, she will pee, she pulls into the parking lot like she's on fast & the furious and sprints into the church building... right past a very confused stake president and his wife. No time for niceties when you have a full bladder! :) 

Vegas streets have crazy names. We found Pooh Corner. POOH BEAR <3

Central/Sunrise zone at ZTM. These are some great servants of the Lord! Serving around a lot more sisters than before, and it's fun :) 

New missionary temple day with Pres & Sis Snow! I love Sis Koyle so much!

Sister Luke and I had a really special moment in the celestial room after the session. She finishes her mission in two weeks. It's hard to think about being in the mission without her but it's okay 'cause we will be best friends into the eternities. She has changed my life! 

I'd attach more pictures but this computer is slow and you've got the gist of my week. :) I love you all!!
Favorite scripture of the week: D&C 64:33. "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of great work.And out of small things proceedeth that which is great. Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and willing mind..."
Love, Sister Browning

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