missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, May 11, 2015

Finding New Investigators Juan by Juan

Hi Family!
Well, if face timing with you yesterday wasn't the best thing ever I don't know what is!! I have THE best family in the world. Minus the fact that the entire house looked different... It felt like I'd never left. I'm so grateful to be a missionary in the age where we don't have to rely solely on snail mail :)
It sounds like you are (literally and figuratively) surrounded with missionary opportunities right now!! The great thing about less active members is that they will never be dropped the way that missionaries often have to drop investigators who aren't progressing. Because these less active members have made covenants and "their names were taken," they will always have faithful home teachers and visiting teachers and loving ward members knocking on their door. And they've been given the gift of the Holy Ghost, so as soon as they start opening their doors, the Spirit will start testifying to them of what they need to do to have more joy. I will be praying for the Struhhss, Greg and Nikki, and the Kricks. Start planning a Christmas baptism for Scotty 'cause I'd love to be there. Haha ;)
Also if you talk to Autumn Struhhs please give her my email address! When I left she was thinking about serving a mission so maybe I can help her there a little.
Mom, if you finish Jesus the Christ, I'll finish Jesus the Christ! I've started at the beginning and gotten through the first four or five chapters! It's a race :) Each week I'll tell you a little something I learned and you can tell me what you learned!
Alrighty, here is my prayer list for this week: Patrick, Kenneth, Brissa, John, Maria, Pedro, Randy, John, Juan E, Juan G, Karina, Xareny, Austin, David, and Mark.
Our less active Xareny invited her sister Karina to take the lessons and we got to start teaching her! Tomorrow we are going over for her second lesson. They are feeding us dinner and then we're teaching them :) It's exciting to see Xareny come back and bring her family with her!
We seriously have an abundance of Juans right now. One potential Juan, one new investigator Juan, one progressing investigator Juan... we'll street contact one Juan and then go teach another Juan and it has become necessary to ask for each Juan's last name! There are so many "Juan"s saved in the phone that it causes Sis Koyle and I to sometimes cry, "which Juan is it??!" Juan by Juan we pray that they will all accept the Gospel.

P.S Read that paragraph out loud. Haha ;)
Something cool I forgot to tell you about over facetime is that I got to teach a lesson with Sister Luke to one of her formers! She was on exchanges with an STL in the area she was trained in. The sisters had re-found one of her investigators who has turned 18 and set up a pass-off lesson with us. His name is Mark. We got to meet Sister Defreitas and Sister Luke at the appointment and teach with them. It was super special because it was like Sister Luke's mission had come full circle. Mark has always struggled because his parents are not supportive of him investigating the church, but now he is an adult. We hope that this time around he will be able to get baptized :)

So this story would have been a lot funnier over facetime but I forgot... Sister K and I have way too many adventures with the whole "who-can-drink-the-most-water" thing. It keeps us healthy, but gets us into one or two predicaments. Here's Sister Koyle's take on the latest:

"This week I overflowed a toilet... My companion and I have been having a competition to see who can drink the most water each day (I win) and so we were walking around this apartment complex and all of a sudden I really had to go so we went into the leasing office and the lady let us use the bathroom outside by the pool, and so I go in and as I am washing my hands, I look over and water is pouring over the toilet so I jump back and open the door and go "Sister B.. slight problem. The toilet is overflowing!" she looks in and goes "what did you do in there?" We stood out there for 10 minutes trying to decide what to do because the office lady was kind of scary and she was in the middle of trying to sell an apartment and we didn't want to interrupt again.. so we did the only thing we could think of, closed the door and ran away! Safe to say we are done street contacting in that apartment complex!" 
Sister Koyle, ladies and gentlemen. :)
You basically already know everything else from my week sooooooooo.... here's some pictures!! 

Idaho girls can spot an Idaho plate!

Central Sunrise zone all in red at Zone Conference :) one of the most unified hard working zones I've been in.  Santillan, Souba, me, Koyle, Nelson, Cook, Roberts, and Stark, and all our silly elders.
Sister Koyle, my personal wardrobe consultant, didn't like the outfit I picked, so I changed... 
to look exactly like her. Better? ;) hahaha
I love you all so much! Thank you for being great missionaries at home and for supporting me :) I'm so grateful for my mission! So grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me to share the gospel with His children. He loves us and knows us. Jesus Christ loves us and knows all our quirks and struggles. He has paved the way for us to have everlasting happiness. I love the opportunity I have to build a more personal relationship with Him. I invite you all to do the same. He is always knocking at the door!!
Have a happy week! Love, Sister Browning 

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