missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, October 13, 2014

Project: Occupy the Movie Theaters

Dear Family,
The little white house is GONE? That's nuts... The house is going to look so different in 14 months! Will I even recognize it? ;)
Well this week, we went to the casino!! Haha but really. A member rented out an entire theater at Sunset Station for the missionaries and their investigators, so we took a nice little day trip!  Let me try and explain what it looked like...
Driving into the parking lot, we see President & Sister Snow:
"How do we get in without going through the casino, President?"
President looks around, holds out his hands, shrugs and smiles :)
So however many hundreds of missionaries and investigators there were took a little jaunt through the slot machines and congregated by the popcorn. It was quite a sight. :) 

We brought Sabrina and DJ and they both loved it. I'm pretty sure they both cried. I ran into Sister Luke who was there with two of her investigators-- according to her companion, the work is exploding now that Sister Luke's there! Who's surprised? No one's surprised. :) Sister Luke has a way of loving an area into a beautiful cacophony of success.
Apparently Meet the Mormons was #1 in Michigan's box office this weekend, and #10 in the country. If you haven't seen the movie yet, please go see it! And more importantly, please invite all your nonmember friends! It's the perfect way for people to understand what we're about without feeling like our beliefs are being shoved at them. Regardless of their religious background, they'll be able to appreciate it as an inspiring movie all around. Our prophet and apostles are so inspired. They know the far-reaching effects this movie is going to have!  
It's been a great missionary tool for Sabrina, especially, who works at a movie theater and has been able to tell people the day it came out, "Yeah, I'm basically becoming a Mormon tomorrow!" Go Sabrina! :)
Speaking of Sabrina, her baptism was wonderful. Her friend Giovanny who was baptized in a family ward a few weeks ago baptized her. I'm attaching photos now so that I don't run out of time... there we go... done. :) She had lots of support from our wonderful ward members! She's going to be well taken care of here in Robindale. :)

I'm also sending pictures from the temple tour we did with Sabrina. One of our members, Meriah, has become instant best friends with Sabrina. She came to the temple with us and took pictures with her nice camera. I just wish we had one with her in it! The temple tour was really significant for Sabrina because her mom passed away when she was 2, and she's been raised by her grandparents. Hearing that she could be baptized for her mom made her cry. "I'm more excited to be baptized for my mom than I am to be baptized for me!" We can't wait to be there with her when that happens. :)
Do you remember Bas, the boy with the cape and sword that we started teaching? Man I'm learning so much from him. For example, how kind and accepting this ward is. The singles in this ward have taken him under their wing, and as a result he's really progressing! I'm learning from their examples how to have a more Christlike love for him. I think this ward may be the first place in his life where he's felt loved, safe, and comfortable to be himself. The more he learns the principles of the Gospel, the more hie's able to let go of the defense mechanisms he has in place. On Saturday, during our lesson on the Plan of Salvation, he even took off his black cloak... This is huge. He came to Sabrina's baptism, and even brought a cake. He's a sweetheart!  
Well so many wonderful things happened I can't even remember them all. Uhhh.... That'll have to do. Thank goodness I'm keeping a journal. :) And I have an amazing feeling about this week! We have started receiving promising referrals from members and other missionaries by the bucketloads. This upcoming week is going to be FULL of miracles! I can't wait to tell you all about it next Monday!
I can't believe it's been 4 months already. I love this work! It's overwhelming and tiring and more rewarding than anything else I've ever done! It's given me a deeper appreciation for the Gospel and my family. I thank my Heavenly Father for you all every day. Thanks for being in my life and supporting me!
Lots of Love,
Sister B

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