missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, June 1, 2015


Dear Family, 

I'm just now starting my email, this has been the craziest Pday! So this will be a very short one! Thank you for spoiling me on my birthday :) It was hard to save that package for May 29th! 

Well the heat definitely hit this week! On Wednesday we walked outside and we were like.... nooooooooooooo. Sister Mayfield and I are joking that we are having PTSD flashbacks to last summer. It is really hard to go out and work in the heat. We're eternally grateful for air conditioning and cars. But our bodies will adjust faster the more we go and do :) 

I love my new area; it is by far the smallest area I have ever served in. I've covered a whole stake, then two wards, then 3 stakes, and now I cover this little haven of a ward called Whitney Ranch. it basically just stretches from one end of a shady tree-lined road to the other, with some apartment complexes and neighborhoods branching off of it. Not sure how big it is, but to me it feels tiny. It is full of elect and amazing people though, who are all ready for the gospel! My first day in the area there was a mom and daughter named Kim and Christian baptized. Surprise! There are a few others set with dates and we're finding new people to teach all the time :) 

Sister Mayfield is amazing. She is basically the 20 year old version of aunt Amy and Becky combined. She sings like an angel and is the best storyteller I've ever met. I love her, heart and soul. 

One thing that's been really fun is working with the zone leaders on the vision for the zone. The theme we came up with is "Becoming Missionaries the Lord Can Trust." Sis Mayfield gave a training on friday where we hid a candy bar somewhere in the gym and turned of all the lights. We handed the missionaries flashlights and sent them running to find it. Then we talked about how the urgency they felt looking for the candy bar was the urgency the Lord asks us to have about His work! It turned into a really amazing discussion about the Atonement and missionary work. Hopefully we'll see the missionaries in our zone, especially the sisters, get really excited about the great things they're doing. 

I love you so much l and wish I had more time to write but please know that I pray for you by name every day! Next Monday's email will be better- and will have pictures :) Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Browning 

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