missionary plaque picture

missionary plaque picture

Monday, December 22, 2014

All I Want for Christmas is My Voice Back

"All I want for Christmas is my voice back"
"All I want for Christmas is dessert at dinner... but no dessert at dinner" 
"All I want for Christmas is our new investigators to show up to their return appointment" 
"All I want for Christmas is 2,000 baptisms" 
"All I want for Christmas is permission to watch White Christmas" 
"All I want for Christmas is our upstairs neighbors to walk like ballerinas rather than elephants" 
"All I want for Christmas is for members to give us chocolate... but to stop giving us chocolate" 
"All I want for Christmas is to wear pants outside" 
"All I want for Christmas is to stop calling Kim and Terry Tim and Kerry"
"All I want for Christmas is a letter in the mail every.single.day" 
"All I want for Christmas is to be one of the cute sister missionaries... but not too cute" 
"All I want for Christmas is to not have to shave my legs" 
"All I want for Christmas is to not have a double chin when I Skype my family" 

--- It started with the first one and escalated from there. All the funniest ones are Sister Hame. She lives up to her name. Ba dum pshhhhh :) 

Ahh it's so close! Yay! First things first, I am so excited to Skype with you. I'm skying from the home of these super awesome members, the Chattertons-- they're a young couple, no kids, they both served missions so they're dynamite. We were thinking maybe noon would be good? How does that sound? We can make a 5 min phone call on Christmas Eve to set everything up. So be expecting a phone call sometime. Probably in the evening? Does that sound alright? 

What are your plans for Christmas?? Just gonna be home? Browning get-together in the evening? Are you having BETHLEHEM DINNER?? I hope so, cause I tell everyone who asks what my christmas traditions are about that one and the straw in the manger tradition. Those are my two favorites. :) 

Please tell Carly Holmes that I said congratulations on her graduation, that's awesome!! And so fun that you got to see the Holmes family! Those are people I love dearly. It's absolutely crazy to hear about all these Rigby kids going on missions... Rigby knows how to hasten the work! Way to go, Idaho. That makes me so happy! They're making such great decisions. Please tell them I said so. :) 

I'm super proud of Dad for wearing both the bishop hat and the stake president hat at the same time. One hat is heavy enough. I bet that was stressful and difficult but Dad is amazing and he can do anything :) One of my favorite quotes from the mission so far: "You can do this, but you can't do this without Heavenly Father's help." That was Bradley D. Foster's wife at our mission conference last transfer. 

This week was super awesome. We found a TON of new people to teach. We're teaching Joseph, a guy from Ghana with a super cool accent, a woman named Ingrid from Germany, and many others, even a couple YSAs! Both Sister Hame and I have served in YSA wards (Sis Hame served in the Smedley's ward!) so we have a deep and abiding love for YSAs. We want to find all the YSAs in Kingman so we can start a singles ward. :) Carlos came to church again so he's getting baptized next Sunday evening and we can hardly wait!! We felt prompted to promise Nicole and Brittney, the bishop's granddaughters, that if they fasted and prayed and then asked their dad for permission to be baptized on January 17th, he would say yes. So on Sunday we all fasted together. I'll keep you updated on what happens! 

We've also started teaching the woman we met last week, Leah, who lives next to her burned-out trailer. She is so open to learning but it might be a long process with her because she just has so many temporal needs right now. Even if all we do is serve her and plant a seed right now, it'll be worth it. I feel confident that she'll get baptized someday. 

Well I'm out of time to write any more than this but I'll fill you in on the rest when we SKYPE! :) Can't wait! Love ya, and have a very Merry Christmas remembering the birth of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

Love Always, Sister Browning 

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